Resurfacing ,Servicing & Seminars

 Resurfacing Har-Tru Clay and HydroCourts:

  Every spring, private and public facilities from the Midwest area trust C.R. Peterson to resurface their existing Har-Tru courts and Hydrocourts prior to the start of the playing season. We also prefer our clients to perform a summer touch up to keep courts playing a an optimal playing condition throughout the season. C.R. Peterson has been constructing and resurfacing courts since 1930s. We are proud to resurface hundreds of courts each year for our customers.

  Annual resurfacing process includes removing existing line tapes, scraping and removing old material, compacting the Har-Tru base, install new tape lines, apply 2-4 tons of new Har-Tru surfacing material , and water and line sweep lines. C.R. Peterson Inc. can handle all of your tennis court installation process by installing nets, windscreens, and court accessories as requested. C.R. Peterson will contact your maintenance personnel to make sure the daily requirements are met to keep your court at optimal playing level. If there are any maintenance concerns during the season, C.R. Peterson Inc. is just a phone call away to handle routine or emergency needs.

  Have cracks or chips in or on your court. Have the experts come out and give you a quick quote on repair.

   On April 18th HAR-TRU and CR Peterson presented a full day clay court seminar which reviewed the products, the cost and how to maintain a luxurious clay court. These certifiable seminars which brought together tennis pros, builders and business owners are available throughout the year where you can learn the new techniques of keeping your courts in tip top shape. Please let us know if you would like to be included in our next seminar ?