Net Accessories

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Vinyl Coated Net Cable

47′ galvanized steel cable. 5/32″ vinyl coated to 1/4″ looped on each end.

Anchor 3/8" Steel Rod, 24" long w/hook eye

Steel rod 24″ long with welded hook eye for center strap clip attachment. Made to be hammered in to the clay court surface.

Pipe Anchors

This standard, galvanized steel pipe anchor features a wedged-shaped end for easy installation to be cement in a footing.

Double-Ended Snap

Secure net straps to anchors or for anything that needs to be clipped. Standard double-ended, spring loaded snap.

Edwards Center Strap-Polyester

100% polyester webbing. Complete with Double-Ended Snap.

Synthetic Replacement Headband (grommeted w/laces)

Fits a 42′ tennis net. Made of heavy-duty vinyl. Includes lacing cord.

Single Sticks, by a pair

Deluxe aluminum with cap and foot.