Drag Broom

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Aussie Clean Sweep 8'

This unique combination tool from Australia helps pick up and remove leaves, pine needles, stones, ball fuzz and other debris found on your court while grooming the court like a drag brush. The PVC ti

Har-Tru Tow Model Drag Brush/Lute 6'

This setup allows the drag brush to be pulled at the proper angle and provides easy attachment to a utility vehicle.

6' Har-Tru Drag Brush/Lute Handle Model

The drag brush/lute combination has three individual rows of 6″ bristles. Two softer, outer rows of bristles move the finest particles of Har-Tru, and a third firm, inner row of bristle levels l

7' Wood Drag Broom w/aluminum handles

7′ mahogany with natural bristles. 2 aluminum handles.

6' Steel Bristle Drag Broom

The steel bristles excel at agitating the surface of hardened indoor and outdoor courts with sub-surface irrigation. They help break up algae and prevent its formation. Stainless steel bristles reduce